The Benefits of Being Real

Why do we always try to “look good” in front of other people?  Why do we always try to act like we’ve got it all together?

Hypothetical questions, obviously.  But still ones I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. 

I’ve decided that we really don’t do ourselves, or anyone else, any favors when we try to act like everything’s perfect in our lives.  Typically we act this way because we either want to impress other people or we are afraid of what they might think if they knew the “real” story. 

In order to remind myself that it is only God’s opinion of me that counts, I decided to list some benefits of “being real” around other people.  So here goes…

  1. Hiding behind a false front caters to my ego (which my pastor last weekend said could be an acronym for Edging God Out!).  It encourages my pride.  It makes me think that I am in control.  Conversely, facing and admitting the areas in which I struggle reminds me that when I am weak, God is strong.
  2. Acting like I’ve got everything together can make others feel like something is wrong with them when they do struggle.  When I admit my struggles, other people are encouraged to be real as well.
  3. When I’m real and the people around me are real, we give ourselves the opportunity to move past the small talk and really get to know one another.
  4. When I admit my struggles, I just might find someone else who can help me!
  5. Being real teaches me humility before God and other people.
  6. Being real is less stressful!  Really, think of all the effort people put into covering up imperfections!

For another perspective on this, read what Rindy wrote here.

So I’m going to try to be more real.  To try to be more open, more willing to admit my weak areas.  To let God be strong when I am weak.

Can you think of any more benefits of being real?


2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being Real

  1. You hit on some great points!! Being real, which often means exposing our vulnerabilities, gives others permission to do the same. Then we can get past all the fake junk and move on to really growing and developing relationships!!!

    And thanks for the link too!! 🙂

  2. I have often wondered…If I let others see my flaws, will it make God look bad? Will people think that my faith is ineffective in my life? That’s clearly not what the Bible says. I’ve come to understand that being honest takes the spot light off me and places it where it belongs…on God. I want my life to bring glory to Him, not me.
    I love the song….You don’t have to hide. You don’t have to run anymore. You don’t have to face this on your own. You don’t have to hide anymore!
    One other benefit of being real…You really get to experience MERCY! It’s a huge relief!!!!

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