A Lesson on Unconditional Love

My first grader recently did a project at school… she had to draw a picture of someone important to her and write a sentence telling about him/her.  She wrote this about me:

“Mommy is special bicas shi is nis!”

I was so touched, I almost cried when I read it!  She thinks I’m nice!

One of the reasons it made me so emotional is that there have been times (lots of them) when I’ve felt like I’ve made so many mistakes with her that I’ve doubted the quality of my relationship with her in the future.  In other words, I think I’ve been afraid that I’ve been such a bad mom that she would hate me!  Those are ugly words, but the fear is real. 

In being a mom, I’ve thought before about how parenting mirrors God’s relationship with us as His children… I can understand better how much he loves me because of how much I love my kids. 

But our kids also have an example of unconditional love for us, don’t they?  We can make so many “mistakes” as a parent (anything from not feeding our kids enough vegetables to disciplining them for something they didn’t do).  But they still love us.  They still need us.  They still desire close relationship with us. 

Even though I’ve yelled way more than I should… she still thinks I’m special because I’m nice.  How’s that for unconditional love?

What life lessons have your kids taught you recently?


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