In my devotional time recently I read the account in 2 Samuel about King David having an adulterous relationship with Bathsheba and then using his power to have Bathsheba’s husband killed.  One verse in particular jumped out at me…

2 Samuel 12:9  “Why have you despised the commandment of the Lord, to do evil in His sight?” 

Could you imagine someone asking you this?  Could you imagine God Himself asking you this?

I’ve read this story and this verse before.  But I’ve glossed over it… probably thinking that my sin is certainly not as bad as David’s was.  Maybe I thought in my self-righteous indignation that David deserved the confrontation.

But when I read it this time, it was as if God was speaking those words to me.  Why do I not always obey Him?  Why do I do my own thing?  Why do I sometimes disregard what I’m learning from His Word?  Why, why, why? 

The fact is that even though I may not be breaking one of the ten commandments, there are lots of little decisions I might make in the course of a day that disregard something He has “spoken” to me about.  

 I’ve been praying about this, and searching my heart.  My prayer today is that I will be more obedient in following His commandments and His nudges… because I know one day I will face Him and have to give an account for my actions.

How does this verse “hit” you today?


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