Do you have a plan?

One of the things on my Christmas list is asking for a new Bible – the NLT One-Year Bible for Women. 

I am dedicated to reading the Bible daily and I feel like I may be becoming a fanatic at encouraging others to do it as well.  I only committed to this about 6 years ago (even though I’ve been a Christian nearly all my life) and I can’t begin to express the difference it has made in my life.  Even after I made a commitment to Bible reading, it took a few years to really make DAILY reading a habit.  Now it is.

So I would encourage you to persevere!  Get a daily Bible reading plan and stick with it.  Even if it takes you a couple of years to get through the Bible, stick with it!  It is amazing to me all the connections – and how everything made so much more sense – once I’d read the Bible all the way through.

So I’m looking forward to reading a different translation next year (it will be my fourth).  It is so cool when a verse that I’ve read and re-read, for some reason (the holy spirit’s leading, I’m sure) catches my attention and speaks to me in a different way.  Praise God for His faithfulness in revealing Himself to me in this way!

So what’s your plan for the coming year?


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