Holding back

Even when I wrote the last entry, I had a feeling God wasn’t finished with me yet about hospitality.  I had a nagging feeling I was still missing something.  Now I think I know what it was.  I hold back.  Alot sometimes.

When we were talking about hospitality at MOPS, I was thinking and even asked others whether it was ok to have an attitude of wanting to protect my family time.  My heart often wants to keep others out… to focus only on us and not worry about everyone else. 

Yesterday we had a fabulous guest pastor from Colombia come and preach about the kingdom of God.  He asked whether we had given EVERYTHING to God – or whether we hold some things back for ourselves. 

I think I hold back.  I want to keep some for myself – for my family.  I want our own time, our own money, our own stuff.  I want to protect it.  And that attitude is not right in the eyes of God. 

I know there is scripture that tells us that if someone needs something and we have it within our power to give it to them, but we don’t, we’ve sinned (I’m still looking for the verse – help me if you know it!)  That is holding back – and I think I’m really good at it.  And I’m also really good at justifying it!  But I don’t want to sin in that way any longer.  This scripture only came to my mind this morning as I was mulling all of this over – I’m sure it was the Holy Spirit working!

We need to offer all we have to God to be used however he desires.  If we haven’t done that, we have a stingy heart and we most likely aren’t being hospitable to the others that God has put in our lives.

Do any of you have any thoughts / comments / ideas about this?  How has God been calling you to stop holding back from Him? 

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