Learning to be at ease…

Sometimes I feel like I can never enjoy where I’m at because I’m too anxious about how my kids will behave.

We have been busy the past week or so – with doctor’s appointments, visits with friends, and visits with family.  With my husband out of town, it’s been just the kids and I.  Let me say up front that my kids really are very well-behaved when we are out in public.  Most of the time, they pay attention, listen, and obey well around other people.  Usually the worst I have to deal with in public is a little bit of whining.

But often I’m a wreck.  I feel anxious and stressed about “keeping them in line”. 

We were at my Grandmother’s house a couple of days ago, our plans were interrupted, and we were there WAY longer than I had anticipated.  The kids were behaving well… but I was too busy waiting for the end of their patience to really enjoy being there.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about this.  Why do I stress myself out like this?  Why don’t I just enjoy the present instead of thinking about the future (and usually focusing on a negative outcome)?  What would be the worst that would happen if my kids did behave badly?  What do I care what other people think?  Why do I get even more stressed when my “plan” doesn’t go the way I think it should?

So I’m going to try to be a little more flexible, a little more relaxed, a little less anxious, a little less stressed, a little more at ease.  I want to enjoy the present – and my kids – without stressing about the future.

Do you live fully in the present and are you able to enjoy “where you’re at”?  If so, how do you do it?  If not, what’s stopping you?


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