Experiencing God’s Goodness

This morning I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with God’s goodness. 

It seems like all my life I’ve looked for that something good – something successful and good and lasting.  Maybe I’ve been searching for excellence.  Particularly in the things I’ve been associated with.  Friendships, volleyball teams, schools, colleges, companies I’ve worked for. 

The only thing good is God.  

I knew it, but still searched.  But through God’s grace, I feel like I’m finally realizing it now.

This morning the kids and I were driving over to my Mom’s for the day.  Listening to Sara Groves’ CD in the van.  It is a beautiful day – bright sunshine and crisp, cool fall air.  The kind of fall day where the dark blue of the sky contrasts so well with the bright colors of the trees.

God is the creator of all this.  He is the good in life, in relationships, in everything, in me.  When I have these times of experiencing his goodness, I am overwhelmed by it.  I want to soak it in.  I want to bask in it.  I want to experience it more, and more often.  I want to spend more time with Him.  I feel like yelling from the mountaintops… Jesus, you are my reward! 

Praise Him for His Goodness!!! 

How are you praising Him and experiencing His goodness today??



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