Standing in awe…

Busy, busy, busy.  Life seems to speed up as we get older, doesn’t it?  With each child, each passing year, there seems to be more and more to do.  Sometimes we even feel the need to do more in our service to God.

Ecclesiastes 5:7 “…Therefore stand in awe of God.”

I don’t spend much time standing.  Still, I mean.  I’m mostly doing.  And when I’m not doing, often I’m sitting, relaxing, trying to recover. 

The previous times I’ve read this verse, I’ve always read it with the perspective that we need to stand in relation to God.  To stand and show respect to our Creator.  You know, like when men are supposed to stand as a sign of respect when a woman enters the room. 

I read this verse recently and was immediately struck by the word stand…as it relates to our movement.  In other words, don’t run, walk, or do … STAND.  Still.  Allowing ourselves to experience God.  His goodness.  His faithfulness.  His love.  His power.  His holiness.

When I’m doing, it’s hard to appreciate those things.  Even when I’m doing for Him!  When I stand still for a while – humbly respecting my God and setting aside my to-do list – I can appreciate Him.  And appreciate what He is doing in my life, in my husband’s life, in my kids’ lives, and more. 

I think God is teaching me to be more like Mary – who allowed herself to sit at Jesus’ feet and soak Him in even though there were other things to be done.  For a Martha-type, this is a hard lesson! 

So I’m challenging myself – and you – to spend some time standing still.  Standing in awe of who God is and all He has done for us. 

I’d love to hear how you make time to stand in awe of God!


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