Being a mom is difficult, isn’t it?  This was another tough morning and I’m not sure I handled it very well.  Lyndsay woke up on the wrong side of the bed, as they say.  Sometimes I wonder if her bed HAS a right side!  =)

Anyways, it was a struggle to get her ready for school – first off she didn’t “like” anything we had to eat (it’s ok other days, but not today), then she didn’t have the “right” shirt for school but didn’t want to pick one out herself, then Daddy left and she hadn’t said the words “goodbye” to him (she HAD talked to him before he left).  All this – an hour and 20 minutes – through whining, arguing, and at times crying (her, not me!)

 My patience and gentleness lasted through the first 5 minutes or so.  Then I reacted more strongly (I find my self-talk telling me that she’s acting ridiculous and she needs some discipline – time outs / threatened loss of priveleges).  So that’s how I acted.  I wonder if the misbehavior on her part would have stopped sooner if I’d stayed patient longer.  Who knows?

Anyone else out there struggle with impatience, lack of gentleness, second-guessing yourself?  Do you just keep on, like myself, praying that you’ll do better next time?  Do you have any other techniques you use to help stretch your patience and gentleness even when you don’t feel like it?


2 thoughts on “Struggling…

  1. Jessica

    Steph I struggle probally 90% of my day with being a mother! I think you are right she was being stubborn and you did need to give her dicipline! Should you have let her wine all morning and argue with you and give her what she wants just to quiet her down? I think if you did that in the long run she’s not going to turn out quite what you had in mind!! I just try and tell my self stay consistant dont give in but dont always say no! I think Northgate should hold a parenting night(s) it would be great for our husbands to be in on this with us! Not saying there not but they dont learn what we learn at MOPS and would probally be helpful to most households if they did learn what we learn so our home can run better withthe help of our hubby kind of like we prob wouldn’t feel alone in this! I dont think I worded what I wanted to say right but you know my #.
    Love ya Jess
    Ps I’ll be praying for you tomarrow!

  2. intensesimplicity

    Anyone who might try to lead you to believe that they don’t struggle like this would be lying! There have been countless times when I have wished I handled things more patiently. I have had to apologize many times for my reactions.

    I heard a program on FLN yesterday that talked about a book called The Dangers of Raising Nice Kids. We’d like nice, neat, polite, compliant children. In the long run it can be mistake. That sweet little angel could be hiding some huge secrets by the time they’re grown. Even though outwardly they appear to be good Christians, the inside is filthy.

    Sometimes irrational behavior has nothing to do with the food or the clothes or whatever. Didn’t Pastor Sass say something about HALT… hungry, angry, lonely, tired. Any of those can be a trigger for either our child’s or our own emotions. Is there anything you’re dealing with right now that could bring heightened emotions?

    The best way to stretch your patience is to make sure you take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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